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Greetings from a house on a hillside by the seaside. If you're fond of skippy drums, the kind of vaguely tuneful wailing you'd hear on a fairground ghost train and haunted electronics, then welcome to a small corner of the internet featuring all of those things.

By subscribing, you're actively helping me to continue writing music and make it more readily available, as well as providing the opportunity to properly record it and make videos, like the one above from forthcoming album 'Gilded Cage', with some incredible friends and individuals from my local and independent creative community (whose excellent work you'll also be supporting). Hopefully, you're also backing the creation of things that you'll enjoy listening to and watching; getting to see, hear, hold and be present during the actual process of making. For all of these things, I extend my utmost thanks and it's exciting to think about what can be achieved with your backing and your involvement. Thank you.

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Video directed by Rob Luckins (

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Ryde, UK
Electronic musician residing in Ryde, Isle of Wight, UK who writes and performs bleak and oblique choral post-pop songs. ‘Gilded Cage’ is set for release in 2017. Keep up to date via the website or you can also subscribe.

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